Jeff Diez

Assistant Professor
Department of Botany & Plant Sciences
University of California, Riverside

PhD., Ecology, Institute of Ecology, Athens, GA
B.A., M.A. Biology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Before arriving at UCR I had postdoc positions at ETH Zürich, Switzerland, working with Jonathan Levine, at the University of Michigan, working with Inés Ibánez, and in New Zealand working with Richard Duncan and Phil Hulme.

Much of my work has taken place in the Appalachian mountains, New Zealand, and Switzerland, but now I am working in California ecosystems. The ecosystems here are incredible, including the Sierra Nevada, White Mountains, Mojave Desert, and the San Jacinto / Santa Rosa range.


Teresa Bohner

Ph.D. candidate

B.S. Biological Science, Florida State University 

Research interests: demography; symbioses; population dynamics; adaptive dynamics 


Jolene Saldivar

Ph.D. student

2017 B.S., Biology (Ecology & Biodiversity), Humboldt State University

2015 B.S., Environmental Science, American Military University

2012 A.S., Human Resource Management, Community College of the Air Force 

Research interests: phenology, plant-pollinator interactions



Nesreen Alkam, Undergraduate Researcher

Major: Biology

Previous research experience: Conservation intern at the Rancho Santa Ana botanic gardens

Current project: Density-dependent interactions between native and non-native species


Research Interests: Ecology & community dynamics

Edward Research PIc.jpg

Research Interests: Applied Data Science

Edward Cabusora, Undergraduate Researcher

Major: Statistics

Previous Research Experience: Undergraduate Researcher at Dr. Chao Wang Polymer Research Lab.

Current Project: Time series analysis and modeling of tree ring growth rates.


Amulya Kunduru, Undergraduate Researcher

Major: Biology

Current Project: Effects of woody plant range expansion on alpine soil ecosystems (working in conjunction with Courtney Collins)


Research Interests:


Soil ecology, conservation, restoration, and community ecology


Gone but not forgotten…

Courtney Collins

Ph.D., graduated summer 2019

current: Postdoc at University of Colorado, Boulder

B.A. Environmental Sciences, University of Florida
M.S. Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development, University of Georgia 

Ph.D. Plant Ecology, University of california

Research interests: plant-soil feedbacks; vegetation type conversions; global change; functional traits




Hui Guo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Nanjing Agricultural University

Visiting scholar, Department of Botany & Plant Sciences, UCR

Biography: Hui Guo received his Ph.D. in Ecology at Lanzhou University, focusing the evolution of life history traits in Pedicularis. During his graduate study, he visited University of California, Santa Barbara for two years, working with Susan Mazer. He then had a postdoc position in Fudan Univesity, working with Bo Li, where he began his studies on the invasive species Plantago virginica. He then began his faculty position in Nanjing Agricultural University. 
Research: My research aims to detect the effects of global change factors on plant traits, phenology, and community structure in alpine meadows in the Tibetan plateau, and to explore the phenotypic and genetic differentiation during plant invasions. We also examine the roles of soil feedbacks in driving plant responses to altered environments including temperature, nutrients and precipitation. 


Phone: (951) 236-7059
Email: huiguo@ucr.edu
Office: 3108 Batchelor Hall


Research Interests: Forest ecology and global change; Tree demography; Plant ecology

Rohan Boone, Research Technician

Major: Botany & Plant Sciences

concentration: Evolution, Ecology, and Systematics

Current position: Ph.D. student in Ogle Lab at NAU


Sören Weber,

M.S. 2017

Current position: Spasojevic Lab, UCR


Chris Karounos - Lab Technician

Current Position: Graduate student, University of Michigan, Ibañez Lab


Alina Geangu

Alina was the recipient of a prestigious undergraduate Chancellor's Research Fellowship. She studied the biogeography and performance of Incense Cedar (Calocedrus decurrens).


Marc Rosenfield - Technician

B.S. Chapman University